Welcome to Heaven Scent Creations!  Thank you for taking the time to visit!

I am so glad you decided to stop by!  Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special or something to pamper yourself, I believe you will find something you will like here.

I offer a variety of all natural homemade products created to make you feel pampered.  Whether you are looking for a unique perfume or cologne, lotion, a special gift, or even something to make you look and feel younger, you can find it here.   If you have something special in mind that is not listed on this website, then please feel free to contact me.  I love creating new products!

My goal is to expand the types of products I make.  I also create new fragrances often so please check back frequently to see what is new.

If you are looking for bath bombs, bath soaks, soaps and scrubs, then please visit the site of a very good friend of mine.  She makes some really wonderful products!  All of her products can be made in the scents she offers as well as the scents I offer.  Her website can be found at My Scented Wonderland

Heaven Scent Creations products are all natural, and natural products have a lot to offer!  They are created with only simple, natural ingredients rather than a lot of ingredients you cannot pronounce.  They lack preservatives, artificial fragrances and dyes.  They are not diluted down like many beauty products you buy in stores.  You know that what you are getting is safe for you, and also has not been a part of horrible animal testing.  And, because this is only a small business, I can cater to your wishes.  Want a scent that is not offered?  Just ask!  I will try to create it for you.  Dislike a carrier oil like jojoba?  No problem!  A different carrier oil can be used instead.  

Please keep in mind that although many ingredients in my products can have medicinal purposes, that does NOT mean I give medical advice!  If you have a medical condition, please do your own research or speak to your physician.  If you have allergies, please look over the list of ingredients in the products you are considering ordering.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me.  

With all of that being said, please take a look around.  I hope you enjoy your visit!