Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions:

Q: I have allergies.  Can I still use your products?

A:  Absolutely.  I use only a few ingredients to help minimize allergic reactions but just in case, read the ingredients prior to placing an order.  If you have any questions, you’re welcome to email me at or you can message me through my Facebook page,

Q:  How natural are your products?

A:  I use quality essential oils and other natural ingredients like jojoba, avocado and grapeseed oils, shea butter and beeswax.

Q:  How long will my order take to complete?

A:  It naturally depends on the size of your order.  A couple of items can be completed within a day or even the same day if needed.  Larger orders naturally need more time.  I may need few days for very large orders.

Q:  Do you make special requested items?

A:  It depends on the item.  I gladly will look into creating any item requested, and let you know as soon as I know whether or not I can create it for you.

Q:  Can you create custom scents?

A:  Yes!  Let me know what you have in mind, and I’ll try my best to create a scent you love.

Q:  Do your products come in various colors?

A:  No, I don’t offer that option because I want my products to contain the fewest possible ingredients to keep them as natural and beneficial as possible.  That includes not adding any color.

Q:  What sort of payment do you accept?

A:  I accept Facebook Pay (through Facebook Messenger), PayPal, Zelle, cash and money orders.

Q:  What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

A:  Contact me and we will work together to come to a solution.

Shipping Questions:

Q:  How much does shipping cost?

A:  That depends on the size of your order.  I find priority mail through the US Postal Service to be the best option.  It’s fast and a reliable method that will get your purchase to you in one to three business days after it has been shipped.  Unfortunately, it isn’t the most inexpensive way, but certainly not the most expensive either.  If you order multiple products, I will combine them into the smallest box or padded envelope possible to give you the best price on shipping while assuring their safe arrival.  Also, if you need your order faster, we can use Priority Mail Express.   It costs more, but your purchase will arrive the next day after shipping up to two days after, regardless of the day of the week.

Q:  Can I pick up my order from you instead of having it shipped?

A:  You certainly can!  If you are in central Maryland, we can meet somewhere convenient for us both so you can pick up your order.

Q:  Do you ship internationally?

A:  I would prefer not to because it is a hassle.  

Q:  Why don’t you ship perfumes and colognes?

A:  Because the base in both is alcohol, and shipping alcohol requires special procedure and expense.  As a substitute, I offer roller ball fragrances.  They aren’t quite as flexible as spray on fragrances, but the scent does last longer.