• Moisturizers

All moisturizers are completely free of dyes, and unscented.  Unscented smells mostly like shea butter, the main ingredient, which has a very soft, light, almost nutty scent that fades from the skin quickly.  No water is added, only light oils that actively moisturize skin.  This results in a thick moisturizing cream that continues to moisturize skin for much longer than most lotions and body butters, about 24 hours.  A little moisturizer goes a very long way so the jars last quite some time, even when it is used often.

Moisturizers can be lightly scented if desired for an extra $1 (due to the large quantity of scent required to counter the shea butter’s light but very dominant scent).  Please see the fragrance options page for all available scents.  Unscented with a perfume or cologne applied over it tends to last longer than scented moisturizer however.  

**Depending on availability, the bottles pictured may not be the bottles and jars you receive.  The size will be the same however.**


Available in pocket size 1 oz. jars ($2)


6 oz. jars ($8)


Forever Radiant Body Cream

Who says anti aging products should be used only on the face? This cream was designed to be used all over the body.


Healthy Hands And Nails Cream

Healthy Hands And Nails Cream is the perfect complement to Nail Fortifying Oil pens on the Beauty And Skin Care page. Use together or separately, but for best results, use together.


Silky Skin Body Cream

Silky Skin Body Cream utilizes the powers of shea butter and skin loving oils to gently hydrate even the driest skin.  


Velvety Skin Moisturizing Oil

If you prefer a lighter but also very effective moisturizer, try Velvety Skin Moisturizing Oil. Grapeseed, avocado and other oils gently moisturize without leaving skin feeling oily.  Available in 2 oz. bottle ($6)