Gentlemen’s Colognes

  • Gentlemen’s Colognes

These all natural scents are masculine and made with all natural ingredients.  Scent choices are listed at the bottom of the page, plus other available choices are on the fragrance options page.  If you want a scent not listed, please contact me, and I will do my best to create any scent you want.

Gentlemen’s fragrances are available as colognes in 1 ($4) or 2 oz. ($6) spray bottles and roll on oil in 10 ml bottles ($5). 

**Depending on availability, the bottles pictured may not be the bottles  you receive.  The size will be the same however.**



**Please be aware that I do NOT ship colognes.  The alcohol base creates extra cost and hassle of shipping .  Local pickup is available if you are in central Maryland.  If not, then please consider ordering the roller ball applicator version instead since it can be shipped with no extra expense or hassle.**

These colognes offer a light scent that lasts for hours.  Can be sprayed on skin as well as on hair or clothing.  


Roller Ball Bottle Application:

A slightly denser scent than colognes and also long lasting.  Cologne oil is not as flexible as traditional cologne in that it cannot be sprayed onto hair or fabric, but its scent is more consistent.  Colognes tend to go on stronger then fade rather quickly.  Cologne oil tends to fade very slightly immediately after application, then maintain that degree of scent for hours.  


Heaven Scent Creations Original Gentlemen’s Fragrances:

  • A Walk In The Woods – Earthy and sensual scents like sandalwood, cedarwood and more create a very natural, very male scent..
  • Adventurous –  Patchouli, cypress and more create a light sensual male fragrance.
  • Allure  –  Earthy with a hint of citrus, this elegant fragrance will please any man.
  • Captivating – Masculine yet playful best describes this earthy scent.
  • Casual Comfort – Cozy and manly can best describe this scent made with warm vanilla, musk and cypress
  • Gentlemen’s Preference – This simply delightful masculine scent is warm and charming.
  • Intrigue – Earthy and citrus scents work together to create a unique and unmistakably masculine fragrance.