Ladies’ Perfumes

  • Ladies’ Perfumes

These all natural scents are made with all natural ingredients and will delight your senses.  Scent choices are listed at the bottom of the page, plus other available choices are on the fragrance options page.  If you want a scent not listed, please contact me, and I will do my best to create any scent you want.

Fragrances are available as colognes in 1 ($4) or 2 oz. ($6) spray bottles and roll on oil in 10 ml bottles ($5). 

**Depending on availability, the bottles pictured may not be the bottles you receive.  The size will be the same however.**



**Please be aware that I do NOT ship perfumes or colognes.  The alcohol base creates extra cost and hassle of shipping .  Local pickup is available if you are in central Maryland.  If not, then please consider ordering the roller ball applicator version instead since it can be shipped with no extra expense or hassle.**

Light scent that lasts for hours.  Can be sprayed on skin as well as on hair or clothing.



Roller Ball Bottle Application:

A slightly denser scent than perfumes and also long lasting.  Perfume oil is not as flexible as perfumes in that it cannot be sprayed onto hair or fabric, but its scent is more consistent.  Perfumes tend to go on stronger then fade fairly quickly.  Perfume oil tends to fade very slightly immediately after application, then maintain that degree of scent for hours.  They are also more portable, easily fitting into a pocket or purse, which means they are easily accessible for quick touch ups anytime.


Heaven Scent Creations Original Ladies’ Fragrances:

    • A Walk In The Garden – Sandalwood and floral fragrances combine to create a scent reminiscent of walking through a garden in full bloom.
    • Alluring Evenings – An inviting combination of musk, sandalwood and patchouli.
    • Autumn Zest – Cozy scents of fall combine to make this charming scent.
    • Citrus Delight – Orange and lemon create the feeling of summertime.
    • Country Lane – The summery floral scents jasmine make you feel as if you’re walking down a peaceful country lane on a warm day.
    • Comfortable Elegance – Soft, simple and elegant best describe the combination of patchouli and vanilla.
    • Enchantment –  The combination of floral, citrus, woodsy and musk create a scent that is perfectly enchanting. 
    • English Garden –  Floral fragrances will make you feel as if you are in a garden by an English cottage in the country.
    • Feminine Mystique – Florals combined with warm vanilla, patchouli and musk create an air of feminine charm.
    • Fireside – Warm vanilla and other cozy scents remind you of a cool autumn evening by a roaring fire.
    • Flirtation –  Soft florals combined with soft musk create a fragrance that is both innocent and alluring.
    • Fresh As A Daisy – A combination of floral and citrus scents are the secret of this fresh, clean scent.
    • Lady’s Love – Floral scents with sandalwood create a simple, warm, old fashioned fragrance.
    • Lilacs And Lace –  Lilac, lavender and sandalwood combined make a soft and inviting combination!
    • Magnificence –  Warm woodsy scent with vanilla and the refreshing scent of magnolia make this fragrance something special.
    • Natural Beauty – Citrus, herbal and earthy scents are evocative of walking through the woods.
    • Night Magic – Earthy scents with a hint of citrus.
    • Nostalgia: 1970’s – Warm earthy scents, rose and jasmine are a modern scent with a 1970’s twist.
    • Nostalgia: 1980’s – Vanilla combines with woodsy and floral scents to create a scent suggestive of the 1980’s.
    • Reminiscing – All floral fragrances make this scent utterly feminine and elegant.
    • Serenity – Florals and vanilla create an understated, elegant fragrance.
    • Strawberries And Cream – Who can resist the delicious combination of strawberry and vanilla?
    • Summer Bliss – Vanila and citrus scents smell like summertime in a bottle!
    • Sumptuous Rose – This warm, earthy floral perfume is soft, inviting and utterly feminine.
    • Sweet Dreams – Evergreen, lavender and patchouli create a peaceful, calming and comfortable scent.
    • Sweet Magnolias – The scent of magnolia and other florals with other earthy scents are simply divine!
    • Temptress – Earthy, sensual, and not overpowering.
    • Winter’s Kiss – Simple earthy scents combine to bring to mind images of time spent snug and safe at home while watching the snow