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My name is Cynthia, and I’m an author.  I am passionate about helping those who have suffered at the cruel hands of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Having experienced this sinister type of abuse myself, I know how painful it is.  

On the road to recovery, I began to realize the importance of not only working on healing, but enjoying life as well.  One of my interests is creating and using natural beauty products and fragrances.  

I firmly believe God gave us nature to enjoy not only its beauty but also its functionality.  Many herbs and flowers have natural healing properties, so why not use them when we can?  Plus so many have wonderful aromas, I wanted to take enjoy those scents as well since I love perfume.

In 2004, I began to make some natural beauty products.  I made primarily bath products and perfumes.  People seemed to enjoy my products, but writing was my primary focus.  It was more important, so I focused on only writing books for years.  I stopped selling my products, making some just for me or gifts for friends occasionally until early in 2021.  My nails kept breaking and looked horrible!  I knew I had to do something.  I love nail polish too much to have such sad looking nails!  A lovely lady at a local beauty supply store gave me pointers on what could help me.  Like me, her preference was natural products over store bought.  I tried what she suggested, and was thrilled with the results!  I started with her suggestions and improved on them.  That is when my Nail Fortifying Oil came into existence.  I discussed this with a friend of mine who makes bath bombs, scrubs, etc.  (She makes amazing products!  Check out her website: My Scented Wonderland).  She offered to add my nail oil to her product line, and asked me to make some perfumes and other products as well.  Our conversations inspired me to get back into selling my homemade, natural products.  

I thoroughly love what I do, both writing and making these products.  Both are very rewarding just in different ways.  I hope the love I feel for my work comes through in everything I do, and is a blessing to those who purchase my creations.